Robert Sawyer has long been known in architectural circles as an architect's architect. He and his firm have, and are providing architectural support to some of the largest and most prominent firms in the world. Many high profile projects which have been attributed to other architects have actually been subbed out and designed by and/or engineered by us, or both.  

Paul Begley, General Contractor: "Robert can walk in, take a look at a change, do the engineering right there and then, stamp it, and approve it without delays, and additional costs, which is great!"

Amanda Booth: actress, and super-model: Robert is an "Architect Extraordinaire!"

Scott Calderon, Investment Banker: "Robert surprised me, after years of trying to figure out a design, he came in and nailed it on the first try. Then Robert outdid himself with an incredibly perfect Landscape Design."

Jacqueline L. Kramer, Property Manager: "Robert is very knowledgeable and great to work with. He has a sharp eye for design and is multi-talented, and highly skilled. I would recommend him for any project."

Dr. Gary P. Lask, MD: "Robert is a great architect."

Florence Levinson: "Robert is well-versed in all things architecture and construction. If I had a son I would hope that he is as equally articulate."

Adam Michelin: "Robert possesses a skill set uniquely qualified to address the needs of homeowners."

Michael Hager, Architect: "Robert has the ability to ask the right questions which is more important than looking for the right answer to the wrong questions."

Bruce Becket, AIA: "99% of what Robert says is completely accurate."

Frank Gehry: "Robert's publication ARCHITECTURAL BUSINESS magazine is too small for me."

Arianna Huffington: "So, you mean I can use the internet to form my own magazine, online?"

Dr. Armond Hammer: "I want people to know (that) you are incredibly gifted."

HRH The Prince of Wales: "Thank you for the Edaburi Award for Architecture and for reading my book."

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation: "Thank you for the contribution to the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic Preservation and Renovation. The architects involved found your publication interesting and well-designed."

President Ronald Reagan: "Robert is an intelligent and articulate entrepreneur whose publication Architect Business has it's finger on the pulse of business, and therefor posesses a fair measure of the state of our economy."

Westchester Realtor Arnold Atkins: "Excellent. Your integrity is refreshing and greatly appreciated."

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Additional references are available upon request.