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Robert Sawyer Architecture & Construction provides a complete Feasibility Study for each of our projects, no matter how big, or how small. This process saves time, money, and is essential to creating lasting value as it lends itself to avoiding typical roadblocks that can occur during construction, when changes become more difficult and expensive to implement. 

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Robert Sawyer Architecture & Construction provides a full range of architectural, engineering, and construction services, from initial concept to project completion. This includes schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and administration through building opening. We believe that the range and diversity of work undertaken by the practice enhances the quality of individual projects.


The urban and campus planning services offered by the firm include site analysis and selection, land-use analysis, community interface, neighborhood development, and public review. Robert Sawyer was a principle Planner for Bruce Becket & Associates as well as James Thiem, ASLA where he completed the Master Plan for the entire city of Sugarloaf Farms, near Atlanta, GA.


As part of a fully integrated approach to design, the firm offers complete interior design services, including programming, space planning, design development, construction documentation and specifications for the procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment, site observation, carpet selection, and move coordination. Our modern projects are not cold and sterile but warm and inviting, rich and luxurious full of details that combine the structure with the architecture and the architecture into the interior design.

Sustainable Kitchen - The Nelson Residence Los Angeles, CA 2006


To fully understand a structure, and especially when designing one, it is imperative to understand the relationship of structural integration onto the building plan. With this knowledge in hand, the design process is more streamlined, fewer changes are made in the field, and when those changes are inevitable, weeks aren't lost going back to the engineer. 

Organic engineering - The 401 Redlands, LLC/RSAC Residence Playa Del Rey, CA 2015



Using only the best quality materials, including struct-1 plywood and framing materials, custom fabricated steel connectors, and metal frame braced-wall panels, RSAC has been bringing quality to all of their construction projects since inception. In 2003, after 20 years of Construction Management as an architect for commercial and residential clients, Robert Sawyer became licensed as General Contractor 817415, Class B, for Light Commercial and Residential construction. Changes and necessary revisions can be incorporated into the framework of the project and the result is a smooth, unimpeded construction sequence. Unfortunately however, this only works when the billing is paid on-time, and not introducing hapless or saturnine interference; which tends to add to the cost and carrying time of construction. This is usually associated with bank administrators, and clients who have never done this before. Long emails don't pay the bills! Make sure your financing is fully funded and in your bank prior to commencing with construction, and then have your architect review and approve each and every payment to the contractor. Again, do not allow your bank to manage your construction project. They don't have a clue as to how to build, or how to certify the approval of funds. They can delay and add enormous carrying costs. Maybe that's the idea? Construction 101: The Right Questions by Robert Sawyer, Architect is now available free for download on the Construction 101 page. This guide aims to give a brief overview of Type V residential standards such as bidding and payment, lien releases, and waivers.

Under construction, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Robert Sawyer is on the forefront of utilizing live digital area point mapping, and geotagging:

Conceptual rendering - 401 Redlands St., Playa del Rey, CA 90293


In short, since our inception in October, 1993, RSAC has successfully completed every project undertaken, on-time, and on-budget. Combining disciplines related to architecture and construction, our unique skills significantly reduce extras and delays, which ultimately reduce project time, and therefore cost. This reduction in cost can translate to a higher quality project. 

RSAC - (formerly Elemental Designers) has completed over 959 projects in over a dozen cities across North America and around the world. The firm's clients have included major corporations, private developers and public authorities, as well as educational, cultural and religious institutions. Among its best known works are the Church of the Visitation in Los Angeles; Bank of America (70 branches) CenFed Bank Headquarters in Burbank; Scherrer Hotels in Paris; Punta Piedra in Ensenada, BC; The Raleigh Durham Chamber of Commerce in Raleigh, NC; The Raleigh Durham Airport(RDU) Runway 5L-23R; Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA; The Los Angeles Furniture Mart in Los Angeles, CA., and the Lask Residence featured on the cover of ARCHITECTURAL BUSINESS. 

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